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Summary (Submission for Book Jam 2019)

Ever found yourself frantically trying to find someone you don't know, in a building you've never been in, with nothing to go on but their name? Well, it's like trying to piece together a puzzle, except the puzzle is your contact, and everyone else has the pieces, but they're all preoccupied.

So here's our game, about entering an strange new building full of an assortment of random characters who may help you out, point you in the right direction, or even just shrug and ignore you. The more you ask strangers and meander awkwardly around trying not to draw attention, the more anxious and stressed you will become until eventually, you find your contact or bail completely!

This is our first ever game jam! We almost didn't join the jam, but by some miracle we got together 3 days before the deadline and steamed our way through, while learning a whole lot.


(Recommended to launch in windowed mode)

  • A and D to walk left and right.
  • W and S to operate lifts.
  • Press Space to interact with people and get clues from them. (Press space again to progress dialogue)
  • Hold Space to identify the person you think matches the clues.
  • Press F to open and close your Fact Book.

Your Anxiety level will rise every time you talk or identify someone, and from just being in the building. Try to find your target before you have to politely excuse yourself!

Different employees will be able to give you better or worse information. Lower-level employees will be more likely to give you a spread of information, whereas higher level people are more likely to know something perfectly, or know nothing at all. Check their badges!

The Jam Team

Additional Credits


InTheCompanyOfStrangers.zip 20 MB


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A well-rounded entry with good graphical, audio, and gameplay presentation. Nice!

The random dialog and appearances were great features. The "anxiety" mechanic was all too relatable. o_o

Frequently winning by accident was kinda anticlimactic.

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Hey thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

We didn't get time to iron out much of the gameplay since it was only in a playable state a few hours before the deadline :s 

The majority of the game flow was based on roleplay/theory so I'm surpised it came out in a decently working condition tbh. But hey sometimes the first person you talk to is who you're looking for... (but yes noted for later)